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How to contact Postmates

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How to contact Postmates

Need to know how to contact Postmates?

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to contact a company when you need them most. We understand that you may need to know how to contact Postmates for one of many different reasons. We’ve taken the time out to show you everything you will need to know for how to contact Postmates, plus more.

How to contact Postmates customer service

The best thing about Postmates isn’t their fast delivery times or that they have the lowest delivery fees. Okay, that’s pretty great, too but the best this about Postmates is their customer service. Postmates is open around the clock 24/7 to assist with all your delivery requests. There’s absolutely no need to wait, you can simply request assistance when you need it the most.

How to contact Postmates about an existing order or charge

When wanting to know how to contact Postmates, were sure that you will want to take the fastest route possible. To do so, the answer can be found in the Apple App Store or the web store. The help button is available on both and can be found under the option from either places, labeled ‘Customer Support’.

After clicking the customer support tab you will be able to request immediate assistance. This solution for how to contact Postmates is by far the easiest possible way to contact their platform. If you’re looking for more information beyond the scope of this article, Postmates themselves provides a guide you can read here.

This is how to contact Postmates for general questions

In addition if you want to contact Postmates regarding general inquiries and not for emergency purposes, they provide a form option from their app or website. To contact them through the form you can click here. Continue to the form, fill it out as specified by Postmates and click submit.

In our research, we have found that Postmates takes approximately 24-72 hours to respond back to you. The company itself seems to be very prompt in their responses to customers.

How to contact Postmates as a Postmate looking for help

If you’re out delivering meals and you run into an issue. This is how you can contact Postmates. Visit their Fleet Help Center. They can help you take care of any issue you may have out on your deliveries. This is definitely something you’ll want to save.

This is how to contact Postmates as a Merchant or Partner

Similar to how to contact Postmates as a postmate, they provide a similar option. As a merchant or partner you get the Partner Help Center. Here you can get any question you may have or any concern you have have. Don’t lose this one if you do become a merchant or partner.

That’s how to contact Postmates

These are all the options you’ll have. As you can tell Postmates makes sure you have a point of contact with them at all time. This is not a company that will leave you in the dark. Check out more of our articles that help you not only with Postmates but many more food apps out there.

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